‘Will Tour for Thailand’ Update

It has been great seeing many of you and having the opportunity to share what has been going on in our ministry. We apologize for taking so long to update but we have had a lot going on and thus, have a lot to update you about.  

We recovered well from our 18 hour flight and had a great time visiting with my (Brian’s) Grandma in Southern California. Then we headed to

photo 1
Asher with Great Grandma and 2 cousins

Phoenix there we visited Jessica’s family and shared with many of you about God’s leading in our lives. From there we headed to Bozeman, Montana and had an awesome meeting with a man who has invented a process for manufacturing health foods cheaply using all natural products. We will share more about that at a later time.




We have now spent the last 6 weeks traveling around Idaho and Washington state. We shared with a small church on the Olympic Peninsula which afforded an opportunity to speak at their church school as well. That, by far, has been the most fun. It was a group of 3rd-8th graders and they were so excited and had so many questions. Afterward one young man asked me if he could send me some money since “I can’t really reach Thailand”. That statement gave me the opportunity to share about the power of prayer. God can do far more with and through us when we submit to Him in prayer and obedience to His will than by any amount of training or natural ability that we may possess. We talked about how much can be done through prayer.


Brian writing the kid’s names, and anything else they wanted, in Thai


On a sadder note, we had been noticing Asher having a bit of a cross-eye and a struggle to run. He would get a few steps and then fall down. He seemed to be walking with a peg-leg. We took him to a Chiropractor who found that when he turned his head to the left one leg would pull shorter.

photo 2
Asher getting his eyes examined

He did an adjustment and Asher has been running ever since. It also helped his eye, but only for a couple days. A friend connected us with a Pediatric Ophthalmologist in Seattle that evaluated his eye and informed us that he has Strabismus. In simple terms, if he doesn’t get surgery one of his eyes will turn in and die. We have been putting an eyepatch on for a few hours a day on his good eye to force the weak eye to strengthen. The surgery is around $20,000 in the States so we will be praying and seeking a place to get it done in Thailand.



We drove through an extreme storm on our way back to the Spokane area. It intensified and was labeled as the biggest storm to hit since 1922 leaving 375,000 people without electricity and now a week later there are still 30,000 without it and predicted to stay that way until after Thanksgiving. In it’s wake a cold front and snowstorm blew in that has been challenging even more the people unable to heat their homes. We just got power back on last night and just in time as we are having 26 people over for Thanksgiving.


We have received the documents from the lawyer and now have an officially registered company in Thailand. We will send off our passports for Visas and be ready for business upon landing. The lawyer stated that our work permit should be ready within a week or two of getting there.

The burden God placed on our hearts to appeal for during our time here has been for others to give their lives in service to Him and particularly in Asia. We have been blessed with a few people expressing interest in serving and one couple really interested. We know God has big plans for His work in Thailand.

As we prepare to celebrate our thankfulness this season may we keep in mind the undeserved blessing we have in the hope that is found in Christ.

We are so thankful for all who have donated. We are closer to our goal.

There are billions who have never even heard of Christ, let alone know of His sacrifice for us all.


We are leaving for California this weekend and the final leg of our journey. Please pray for us as we go about seeking others to join the workers in His harvest field. If God is moving on your heart to serve, please let us know.


Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;                           -Titus 2:13

May the Lord bless you as you celebrate with family and friends.

Brian, Jessica & Asher Atwell


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  1. We were so sorry we didn’t get to see you this evening due to Asher’s not feeling well. We will continue to pray for your ministry in Thailand. Hope to see you next time you are back in the states. Asher is so cute! Hope you can get his eye surgery done. Jesus is coming soon and there will be no more sickness, sorrow, pain or suffering. In the meantime we remain faithful and working for others.

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