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Bangkok is a huge city, with very little Christian presence. After viewing the I Want This City series, Brian and Jessica Atwell moved their family to Bangkok. They’ve completed language study and have found a large building near a huge university to conduct friendship evangelism. These funds are to renovate the building and provide start-up capital.


Raised of $45,000 goal



We believe that old saying, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care,” perfectly applies to the family-like cultures of Asia. In a city of 15+ million people, less than one percent of which are Christian, you really have to show you care about people and build relationships in order to gain trust. Our aim is to create a working ministry model that can be reproduced by the local people so that the work can go forward in different parts of the city and country. Most Thais believe ministry means working for a church, we want to show that everything we do can be a work for God. The ‘Bangkok Centers of Influence” program is focusing on ministering to the Thai people through the avenue of health. We are establishing a healthy restaurant and fitness center near Ramkhamhaeng University. Ramkhamhaeng University is ranked number 12 in the list of largest universities in the world by enrollment, with an annual enrollment of 525,000. Our center will offer health related resources and practical training to help improve the health of the community. Since the above video was produced we have secured a building but we need to raise $45,000 for the renovation and furnishing of it.



  • In 2012, 1 in 13 adult Thais had type 2 diabetes and the numbers are increasing.
  • Diabetes related deaths are 25% higher in Thailand than in the U.S.


  • Thai people’s average weight has doubled. When compared to other Asian countries, Thailand ranks second only after China in the number of women with obesity.
  • People in Bangkok are at higher risk of developing obesity than those in the provinces.”
  • The World Health Organization explains that, “It has been reported that up to 80% of deaths due to heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes and 40% of deaths due to cancers could be prevented by eliminating known lifestyle risk factors.”



CENTER OF INFLUENCE: While the healthy restaurant will serve meals that will help people control their cholesterol, fat intake and blood sugar levels helping to eliminate risk factors of the common killers, the fitness centre will help to increase activity and improve metabolism to support these healthy food choices. We will offer training on proper exercise technique using calisthenics as well as bouldering, a form of rock climbing. We will take groups to various locations throughout the country for rock climbing and camping bi-monthly. Many of the people in Bangkok have never left their district, let alone the city. We want them to experience the beauty of God’s creation and get a glimpse of Him in it.

LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION: The location we have is 100 meters from the eastern entrance of the university, the entrance most used by students as it is located nearest to the dorm housing. The building used to be a dorm for women and thus is surrounded by student housing. There are street vendors to get food from but no affordable sit down restaurants in the area. The only other businesses besides internet gaming shops are hair stylists and laundromats. It is an ideal location for mingling with the people as well as operating a financially self-sustaining ministry. 

BUILDING: The building is roughly 15,500 sq. ft. spread over 4 floors. Being 25 years old and laid out as a dormitory, much of the space needs renovation as well as updating (western style toilets, new plumbing and electrical, etc.) We will renovate using more durable materials, aluminum windows and partitions instead of wood, concrete walls instead of brick; as well as making it more aesthetically pleasing; tile and laminate flooring rather than rubber, more up-to-date bathroom furnishings as well as sealing the building and adding air conditioning.


  • One floor will be dedicated to a large meeting room where different health professionals will give free lectures and training sessions on how to stop, reverse and prevent these various health issues.
  • Hosting 12 step type programs as well as depression recovery programs that have “produced an unprecedented 98 percent response rate in attendees.”
  • English tutoring will also be offered as that is highly sought after by native speakers.

While we will be offering some services for free as a support to the community, the restaurant, fitness centre and English tutoring will charge a reasonable local fee which will allow the centre to support its operating costs within the first 2 years according to our budget forecast.


Our timeline for renovations is as follows:Bankok building

Renovations Schedule
1st & 2nd  floor January 2017
Meeting hall renovations February 2017
Fitness center renovations April 2017


Based on God’s leading, and our research, we are confident in the success of this establishment. We plan to open to the public as soon as the café/restaurant renovation is complete and will continue working on the upstairs meeting room and fitness center after that. We plan to be fully operational by April 2017. We hope that you will also see the potential that we envision for this ministry and the value it could bring to this community.

We appreciate your consideration for partnering with us in this great task of ministering to the health of a nation, both physically and spiritually. If you would like further information or would like a tax deductible receipt feel free to contact me personally before donating.

Thank you and God bless,

Brian Atwell

Project Director, Bangkok Centers of Influence.
165 Phatthanakan Soi 46, Suan Luang
Bangkok, Thailand 10250


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